Wednesday, August 1, 2007

power control vampire

It’s Wednesday again!!! How fast time flies! Wednesday is class day. K dropped this course that I’ve signed up for …thank God for that! I guess she dropped the course because she felt out of place --- she didn’t know enough about the subject matter to take over the class time. She's the sort of student who has a power control issue. You know, she’s the student who does all the talking in a class discussion while the rest go zzzzzzzzzz. I guess she missed the point --- it’s a class discussion and not a monologue. Sometimes, it can get to be very tiring especially when the class is at night and you really want to listen to what the lecturer has to say, exchange ideas with your coursemates on issues and go home. The last thing you want is a coursemate who is in love with her own voice and all she wants to do is talk!!! It’s a good thing that she dropped this course that I am on and it is a good thing that I decided to drop the other course which is offered right after this one (which only ends close to vampire hour --- 11 PM). I really liked that course but the idea of it being so late (and having to wake up early the next morning to get to work) and she being there made me reconsider taking that course this semester.

K works in the city centre in an oil and gas company. She says that she’s taking this course “Just to kill time”. She seems to be big on Korea --- all her illustrations seem to be drawn from Korea. She did her undergrad degree in the same university that she is now pursuing her masters in. Mind you, she attended the night classes as a matured student for three years and those classes ran from 8 to 11 PM from Mondays to Fridays. Yes, you can see that she is no stranger to vampire hour classes. In fact, who know…she many well be a vampire herself!!!

What I don't get is why would anyone want to pursue something like linguistics when one is not planning on practicing it? Why bother coming for night classes unless it’s gonna do something for your career advancement? I don’t know….she could be a professional student of some sort. The kind that are put on this planet to make life difficult for the rest of us part-time students.

Me? I’m pursuing my masters because I think I’ll make me a better educator. When I’m more knowledgeable, I’ll be able to guide my students better. Simple.

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