Thursday, August 2, 2007

wiki tiki wiki

I've been working on my class wiki website --- hey, it's kinda fun! I'm beginning to get the hang of it!

My coursemate, however, seems to be technologically challenged and she is driving me up the wall! To begin with, I had to make the wiki site suggestion (because she probably didn't even bother to try out any wiki sites --- too busy lah... like I have nothing better to do with my time!) and I set up the site and sent out the invite to her to join the website. All she has to do is create an account and jump right in... and guess what happens.... she emails me (and oh, snail mail gets to me faster than her emails) and tells me that she didn't get an invite. I checked the system and saw that the invite has been sent out to her but she has yet to accept it. Technology challenged people drive me up the wall!!! In today's day and age, one should be able to follow what I consider idiot proof instructions (and websites normally come with idiot proof instructions). Last week, when I asked her if she was technology friendly, she said that she was. I guess it is all very relative... many would think that being able turn on a computer is being technology savvy...

On the subject of emails, I asked her why she wasn't getting back to me when I emailed her and her answer was " Oh, I only check my email when I know that someone has emailed me". Okay, how would one know if anyone at all has emailed them if they don't check their email account??? Do such people get smoke signals or see lightning bolts when there is new mail in their inboxes??? Arrrggghhhh....... what is the whole point of having an email account and signing up for a class that uses technology as part of the coursework if you're a Digital Age Dinosaur and planning to remain in that mode for the rest of your life (and the next and the one after that as well)??? And oh, don't you dare think for a minute that this person is ancient because she is far from it. So tell me.... what gives??? I just don't get it!!!

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