Monday, July 23, 2007


It must be said I isn’t too happy today.....yet again I have been the victim of another muppet motorist. This time one on a motor bike. After stopping in a jam on Jalan Loke Yew this fellow hops over the road divider , clips the wing of my car gives me a quick look and after realising I am stuck in a jam he scoots off…..

Te guy who tail ended me in Tapah recently, tried to defend himself by saying it wasn’t quite his fault, it was his brakes that weren’t working which were the cause …….. &*&%^%&*!!!

It reminds me of the young lady who totalled my car in Seputih …… She said she indicated ….never mind she hurtled herself across two lanes against traffic …fortunately her father, when he arrived, pointed out the error of her ways.

And I won’t even mention the A*** who nearly killed me while pulling out of a side road through red lights ………his defence………..”I pulled out slowly” he said …..But what he didn’t factor in was that he pulled slowly into fast moving traffic…

Having lived here for more than 10 years, driving is one of the few things that I still can’t get my head around………….they should make it legal to cull half witted drivers

Sorry ......My next entry will be considerable more pleasant

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