Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh Dear

I was talking to friend the other evening who reminded me of a mutual friend’s son. Now I recall teaching him how to ride a scooter when he was three. It seems that not only has he finished school but also University and has been in his present job for 4 years or so. I guess that hammers home how fast time passes. I also recall my mother commenting to me as I left my teens and into twenty-hood that I was now getting “old” ha ha which was quite ironic considering my parents favourite TV show at the time was “ Life Begins at Forty” - about a couple whose kids have flown the nest and they could now get on and “enjoy” life…..To me it implied that the last two decades of marriage and kiddiwinkies was hell……Hardly good press but I suppose this was the irony of the comedy….its was supposed to be funny.
I realize that as I career towards old age all the hair on my head will start to grow out of my ears and nose. My ear lobes and nose will swell up (two of three things that continue to grow into old age) . My bladder will become uncontrollable as will my bowels. And as for the ability to set the time on a video recorder …..Well I presume that with the onset of “old timer’s disease” I probably won’t even remember what a video was – in fact even at 40 I can see the signs, god help me.

Growing old is compulsory - growing up is optional

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