Wednesday, July 25, 2007

lost...and never to be found

Been going around collecting copies of fellow lecturers' certs for LAN accredition. Guess what happens --- someone comes up and tells me that she has "lost" her certificates. How does one go about losing her certificates??? This is coming from someone who claims to possess TWO degrees (none of which the office has copies of, by the way)!!! Truth be told, some of us in the office have got doubts as to whether this certain person is even in possession of any sort of qualification, let alone TWO degrees! Do I hear this question of how this person got hired in the very first place??? Hey, don't ask me because I have the exact same question! Judging from how she is working (or rather NOT working), I am more inclined to say that she doesn't have any suitable qualification that would justify her existence in this place. Who let her in???

Now that she is unable to produce copies of the degrees that she claims to be in possession of, I can't even put her name down on the LAN paperwork. She cannot be declared on paper as a member of the faculty. What now??? Oh, by the way, did I mention that I work in a circus???

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