Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I’ve been ignoring text messages and phone calls from this certain member of the male species. He texted me twice and rang me up four times yesterday --- once in the afternoon, twice at night and once in the wee early hours of the morning, waking me up from snoozy woozy land in a mad panic thinking that there was an emergency (God forbid). I didn’t reply any of his text messages or answer any of his calls. I had a hard time trying to get back to snoozy woozy land after that rude, untimely and unasked for wake up call at 1:30 AM and as a result of that, feel kind of zombie-like this morning.

He texted me again this morning. He doesn’t seem to get it that although he may be having the hots for me, the feeling is certainly NOT mutual.

He told me that he is so sure that I’m “the one” for him and that he loves me (this after having seen me only ONCE --- I fear to think what he would be like if I saw him twice --- man would probably be sleeping in front of my door!). To that remark of his, I replied that I’m so sure that he is NOT the one for me. I have since tried many ways to lose him. I started out by telling him subtlely at first, thought that I would let him down gently. You know, I’m really a nice person and I don’t go around hurting others’ feelings but that approach didn’t seem to work. So I tried the direct approach and told this joe in his face that he better wipe out any strange ideas he may be having of an “us’’ coz it just ain’t happening, not in this lifetime nor the next!!! He was very quiet and looked hurt by what I said and I walked away happily thinking that I managed to drive the point home into that thick skull of his --- mission accomplished!!! But noooo apparently, that didn’t work too because less than 24 hours later, he not only texts me, he calls my number!!! In fact, if anything at all, he kind of gained momentum after that attempt of mine of telling him directly that NOOOOOOO, it is NOT going to happen!!!

I don’t get it. How thick skinned can anyone be??? Doesn’t he have some sense of pride and self worth??? I have NEVER met one as stubborn (or could he possibly have been dropped on the head when he was young and be brain damaged?) as he. Looks like I’m going to have a hard time shaking this one off.

I now cringe when my phone rings. I am fearful of seeing his name blinking on the screen of my phone. Thank god those things come with a silence mode. Sigh… what did I do in my last lifetime to deserve this, I wonder…

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